Hi Cath, it’s been such a funny week. It’s Thursday already and I’m not sure what’s happened to the last three days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to pass in a muddled haze. I just couldn’t seem to get on top of things.

Osteopath tomorrow, that’s going to help hopefully. My back’s buggered. It’s all this yoga I’m doing. Thought it was supposed to be the answer. Instead I creak about more than ever. Have you ever noticed that when people do these exercise videos etc all of them can already put their knees behind their heads, or balance on their chins, or put their eyebrows on their belly buttons.

A great video range would be learning with someone like me, who can’t do anything so you don’t feel such a failure before you even start.

You sent me a pic of the crotch of your jeans today. While you were wearing them. I had to laugh. What are friends for I guess, but for sharing with them the holes in the fabrics of your jeans but seriously, hun, get some new ones! What happens if you bend over?!!?



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