Community service

Dear Cath

It was an interesting day today. I learned some things. I got to work and my chefs white were missing. I looked and looked and looked. When it was 100% clear that they were nowhere to be seen I became convinced that the other chefs were trying to wind me up and became annoyed and defensive. I felt picked upon.

Then, when Kev arrived for work we realised he’d mistaken the bag for laundry and had taken it home to be washed. None of them deserved my anger and I felt rotten for thinking they did. Not to mention annoyed at myself for wasting all that time in a stew of negativity.

Then Stuart was talking, showing me photographs of himself planking. On top of a chimney three storeys high. He’d had to be quick before his parole officer caught him or else he’d have lost his community service option and been sent to jail.

I still don’t what he did to deserve jail or community service. I don’t think I want to know and I am trying not to judge. He has tattoo’s everywhere but he seems like a really nice guy.

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