Do you believe in Guardian Angels

The picture of health

The bus hit her right side – her black eye is on her left side….

Cath I know we’ve semi spoken about ‘weird’ stuff before but I wonder what your taken on this would be.

It took forever for the results of the scans and xrays to come in but when they eventually did they showed, from head to toe, no fractures, chips or crushes.

Despite the windscreen of the bus being caved in she had no head injuries, no broken collar bones, no damaged spine. I could not believe it. It kept whirling round my mind – how had she avoided that injury?

Even now, writing this some weeks later I have to conclude there was an angel sitting on her shoulder. The dent and the broken glass is where her head and shoulder was. The bus hit her on her right side. While her arms and ribs were bruised and she did have a black eye and a graze on her cheek bone, these were on her LEFT cheek from where she hit the road. Not from the bus at all. Why not?

Maybe there are explanations but I’m sticking with her guardian angel. A job well done. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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