The reveal

2012-11-2z8-15.43Lisa spent the night with Sarah last night. I know it’s the last night that any of us will be able to stay with her but I think it’s been good for the sisters to have each other. Lisa seems suddenly more grown up and not so self involved. This has been such a big shock for her.

Her Dad has been giving her grief, which I feel is pretty unnecessary at the moment, because no one called him immediately. I have to say he wasn’t really at the forefront of my mind, Sarah being so anti and the fact I didn’t have his number and Sarah’s phone was lying under her and couldn’t be reached in case of spinal injuries all meant that he wasn’t the first person in my mind.

Now that it’s been three days he’s had time to figure out that it took over an hour for someone to contact him but instead of talking to me about it he’s taking Lisa and Joe to task. Lisa was in tears.

However we saw Sarah’s leg today! Wow. they did an amazing job. The consultants however are more worried about the bruise on the inside of her knee which looks awful but to my uneducated eye seems less interesting that the other side.

They fixed it into this!

The bruise on the inside of her knee

The original injury – the doctors drew this

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