The picture of health

The picture of health

Sarah had physio this morning. She got as far as sitting up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. Then she want about six shades paler than she had been before, which is saying a lot, and started to pass out.

That was pretty much it as far as physio went.

They wont let family stay on the ward with her any more. It’s understandable but not easy. She’s on an adult ward and technically classed as an ‘adult’. She signs her own consent forms etc. Which would make me more comfortable if she knew what she was signing. When I ask her she shrugs and says, ‘The doctors talked over me, not to me. I have no idea.’ Hardly informed consent.

Anyway at 16, in many respects, she’s still my ‘baby’. So tonight we’re banished back home, a forty minute drive away. While I could use the sleep it’s hard leaving her. Allison, another ‘inmate’ will keep an eye on her for me but even so.

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