Discharged… or not!

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

It’s five days since the accident and physio have said as far as they are concerned she can go home. It made us excited. We never dreamed that it would take until after 9pm on Saturday night to finally get all the various departments to sign her off. It’s been one agonisingly painful hurdle after another.

When they first told us she’d be in hospital for a week we were fine with that. When they said we could go after day four the last three days were this endless procession of goal posts being moved. Each doctor we saw would check his box for the all clear but add another one or two to the list and instead of being closer to leaving it got further away.

Waiting is the strangest thing. When Sarah was first injured, a day seemed to pass in an hour, now an hour feels like a day.

There are about thirty nurses on the ward. About five are brilliant, about three are appalling and the rest are ordinary people, just doing their job. A job that pays a salary but doesn’t appear to give them any real job satisfaction. My admiration for nurses is immense, I couldn’t do their job for all the tea in china.

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