‘I’m not from here, I’m from Yorkshire.’

They did a swab on Monday for infection and yesterday, (Wednesday) when we had the dressings changed they told us there was definitely infection and that we needed to leave it with the lab for until tomorrow to find out what antibiotics would be most effective.

Pseudomonas – a scary name and they prefaced with words like ‘rampant’ pseudomonas or ‘critical’ pseudomonas and ‘proliferating’ pseudomonas all of which made it sound even scarier.

I went to bed that night feeling very anxious and headed to the GP first thing to ask if the path lab reports have come in. The woman behind the desk could not have been more obstructive if she’d tried.

‘The lab reports aren’t in,’ she said.

I know, I said, but the walk in centre said you, the gp surgery, must phone the path lab for the result.

‘But they’re not in.’

‘I KNOW they’re not in, YOU have to phone to get them!’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘I’m not from here, I’m from Yorkshire.’


With that extremely useful comment she left her desk and disappeared.

I phoned them again at 12, I phoned at 2 and finally at three, feeling very stressed and anxious now, visualising the Pseudomonas rampantly rampaging I went back in the the surgery. I queued again (only twenty minutes this time) and asked if Sarah’s results had come in.

‘How old is she?’

? ’16,’ I said.

‘Well,’ they said, ‘we can’t give you the results, she has to get them.’

It was one too many apples for the apple cart and with shaking fingers I wrenched out my phone and showed them the most recent photo of her leg.

What the 'bruise' haematoma - looks like now

What the ‘bruise’ haematoma – looks like now

‘Does this leg, look like it can walk??!!’ I shrieked, whereupon I embarrassed myself by bursting into tears. They shuffled me hastily out of sight and assured me they’d phone when they got the results.

By four thirty, I gave up waiting and loaded Sarah into the car and drove into Blackpool and the walk in centre. The dressings nurse got on the phone and got the results. It took her three minutes.

I could say welcome to the NHS but it’s more like welcome to human nature.

They dressed the wound with Manuka Honey. It was extra-ordinary. It went from this:

2012-12-12-14.29to this – in three days




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