Blogging trends in 2012

This is the tricky thing isn’t it, trying to look into the future. It’s not easy! But research has given a few hints.

My first prediction – is freshness. Recently I have been plagued by searches on Google bringing me content from 1998 or 2001 when, in terms of the www, God was a little boy. I think that Google is going to focus not only on Pagerank and links but also on FRESHNESS. Your website will have more value if your content is fresh and valid to today’s audience. Google updated their algorithms at the end of 2011 and new content is favoured by searches. Don’t get caught out. Don’t rely on old content.

Found Content – One of the big trends for Blogging in 2011 is Found Content and I think this will carry on over into 2012 for a while. Found content is like a collection of angry emails, or weird photographs or crazy cakes, or daft texts etc etc. Essentially not content that you created but content you’ve found and collected until you have enough of the same to make it interesting for your readers.

Mobile Browsing – another trend that we have to consider is the rise of mobile browsing and Apps and I think this is going to get even bigger in 2012. If you can produce an app that would appeal to the audience you write for, your will gain further visibility. If you can produce a blog that is just as enjoyable of the small screen as the large, it will stand you in good stead.

Guest blogging – I hear that that is going to be the trend in 2012 too. Because of it’s usefulness in link backs and the way it can introduce new audiences to your blog.So get authors and readers to guest blog on your site.

Microblogs like Tumblr will also gain popularity for the likes of you and me. Microblogging is a cross betwwen blogging and facebook statuses, quick, easy, cheap and FRESH – win win win

Google is pushing Google+. Right now it enjoys roughly at 0.5% share of the social networking market but Google is working on taking it out of it’s shell. Be one of the front runners in the game and don’t be left behind.

Continuous improvement is key – Trends for blogging in 2012

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