Content is king

Find the balance between giving people what they want to learn and sharing with people what you want to tell them.
For example this site blog was meant for me to vent a little, learn a lot, and get people interested in buying my book. But I can’t just vent and say buy my book. I have to make it worthwhile for visitors, share useful information about stuff I know.

For me, what I know is web design (13 years of experience) so sharing what I know is useful and keeps me focussed.
For you it could be your are superb baker, an amazing photographer or simply as basic as sharing the in’s and outs of finding a care home for an aged parents. As long as you KNOW a field and can share your experiences lucidly and clearly in a way that genuinely helps other, your blog will get a following.

It’s the single most important aspect of web design and the one phrase that web designers trot out like a mantra but it still holds true.

CONTENT IS KING – in fact the first line of Joe Brockmeiers article of content reads: The three most important things for SEO are content, content, and content.

Why is SEO important to you? Because it means people will find your blog and read it and if they like what they read they will tell their friends about it, and they will tell their friends… and you wont have to work so hard at driving people to your blog but rather spend more energy doing what you want to do – and that’s actually writing.

So what are the keys to good content from an SEO perspective?

  • Original and FRESH information
  • Well written and accurate
  • Well presented and SE optimised
  • It must be something your readers would like to share, recommend or bookmark.


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