Chefs and Stats

Imagine you were a chef who never ate out, never tried new meals, never tested new restaurants, didn’t watch the food channels on TV. Pretty soon no one would visit your restaurant apart from the few die hards because you didn’t keep up with the trends. Things got old and stale.

Visit other blogs, find out what’s happening out there in the world, in your field of blogging as an author AND in the field of blogging in general. It’s really important to learn what others are doing. This way you not only learn what works you also learn what doesn’t work.(Read the blogging trends for 2012)

Remember one very important thing – Get Your Facts

You will put in a lot of energy getting your blog more visible. You’ll tweet, FB, even pay for SEO but if you don’t take the time to find out which is working the best you could be throwing a lot of energy into emtpy space.


If you advertise find out how many people visited your site before and then find out how many came afterwards

If you tweet a link, see if you got a decent response AND what time it happened. If you tweet in the UK the best time to tweet is 2.30ish through to 7pm ish. You will learn what times are best for your to tweet a link ONLY by following your stats.

If you paid $20 to appear on whatever today but you have no idea how many visitors you had yesterday you wont know if that money is well spent and if it’s worth spending again…

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