The rise of the infographic

More and more people are using infographics. To authors who want to use words to paint pictures the very thought can be offputting. But don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

If you know your subject very well and can use an infographic to put your point across in a beautifully simple way DO IT. But make sure that the inforgraphic contains your url/name etc so if anyone steals it you still get the credit.

What is an infographic?

This is – a simple way of showing something in a drawing so everyone can understand (and learn something) at the flick of a glance.

For example: Coffee

What a unique of explaining what could be quite complicated and wordy

However they let themselves down by not including a link or brand name or anything that says who came up with the idea.

If this was watermarked behind the cups with a famous coffee brand logo we’d instantly know it and they’d get yet more brand recognition.

If YOU know a subject well and can put it over well in a drawing you wont lose out. While content is king and is based on words, if your inforgraphic is clever enough to go viral, the SEO that it will bring you in return is incredible and worth it’s weight in gold.

An infographic can be about ANYTHING you know really well, from coffee to student budgets to the global water shortage crisis.

Thanks to SixRevisions for a great piece of work!

The rise of the infographic and their place in blogging

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