Real Time Step by Step of Google+

The first day back at work after the holidays and I’m starting 2012 by signing up to Google+ as I gather it’s going to be the ‘Trend’ this year and anything to help me get my name out there would be good!

Step one
Try and sign up and try not to lose my temper when it takes six goes to get an untaken username and each time I need to add my password TWICE and do the silly captcha thing… hmmm
Manage to get in and feel a little lost, crave the familiarity of Facebook. Give myself a stern talking to about being a front runner and brave…

Step Two
Tweet for Google+ ‘friends’ and post a facebook status, asking if anyone is on Google+ yet. Silence is deafening but it’s only been three minutes since I did it and I’m not known for my patience…

Step Three
Start familiarising myself with it…Eurgh – go for cup of coffee!

Step Four
Actually this is quite easy! I really like the way the circles work, I can really see how people who want to network through Google+ would find it much much easier than facebook

Step Five
I feel a bit like when we are walking down the street looking for a restaurant in which to eat. If there are no customers I don’t want to go in…

Step Six
My friends and circles are completely blank and I start by simply searching for book marketing, daunted by the results and leave in a hurry, search for writers and am equally daunted so narrow search to Romance Authors and find someone I know!! Rebecca Sinclair! It’s kind of like recognising a face in a crowd at a party of strangers. Relief.
I friend her immediately but not sure what happens on her side. Does it work like facebook?
Then I see Roxanne Smolen, Anne Rainey and Gracen Miller and suddenly I don’t feel quite so alone!

Step Seven
Spend some time looking around and trying to understand how things work. Wondering if I should stick at setting this up.

Why Google+? Why hassle myself with this new learning curve when I have so much else to do??? Eurgh. Do a little more research and see that Google+ is expected to have 400 million users by the end of 2012 and has seen a 35 million growth in the last six months (according to an ‘unofficial’ statistician).

Google+ seems to offer a lot to social networking – to my inexperienced eyes it seems to cross between Facebook and LinkedIn. If I don’t make an effort now, will I hate myself for missing out in six months time? Yes, probably.

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