How to Post on a Friend’s Wall on Google+

Ok. I’ve got my account, I’ve created my circles and now I want to post on to my friends wall (the one and only friend that I bribed to respond quickly so I could practise Google+ on her).

So I mooch on over to her Wall and… draw a big fat blank. Where on earth do I post? I know she’s accepted me, I know it’s possible to post on people’s walls but how?

The I realised that google+ had this really unique feature

I post/share a status update on my OWN wall (STREAM) and choose who to make it available too!

How to post of a friends wall in Google+

So I can make it available to Alle Wells on her own, or I can choose to show it to my writer circle friends which include Alle. And I can add another circle and another until I’ve told everyone, apart from my family circle, or only tell my family and friends but no one work related…

Wow, that’s pretty neat.

You can also bold and italic format in Google+ statuses. (Use * for bold *bold*  and to make italic use the _ _italic_)
You can also prevent people sharing your post which is great for photos.


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