Facebook vs Google+

Which came first. As I research it seems to me the relationship is an incestuous one built on dislike, mistrust and enormous rivalry.

We, as the uninitiated, credit Facebook for being innovative, doing cool things but when you delve a little deeper it appears (allegedly) that Google+ came up with some of the ideas and Facebook took them over with various tweaks to make them their own.

Of course without question, Google could be said to be doing exactly the same. So lets not look at this with a view to who came up with what first but take a look at other aspects of the Facebook vs Google+ battle.

Google is still the undoubted King of the internet and still holds the lions share of online advertising but slowly the balance is changing with Facebook making gradual inroads, becoming the second most visited website in the world. And it seems the only thing that holds that balance is Facebooks poor search facilities.

The rivalry between the two is immense. Zuckerberg has a Google+ account and hasn’t made a single post, Facebook has walled of their search from Google and they poach staff from Googleplex.  Facebook work closely with Google’s arch rivals Apple.

But is it the question of either or? I don’t think so. I think there is a place for the two but doing research and knowing that Google, one of the wealthiest companies in the world has until recently been nursing Google+ through it’s infancy is now able to throw mind boggling resources at it.

Google plans to promote Google+, twenty four seven, to the millions who use services like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube; and they’ll also make it intrinsic to millions of Android handsets. Dick Costole, the CEO of Twitter says this about Google+ “There is no doubt they are going to be able to pull in massive numbers of users.”

As Dave Wong said,  I don’t need a winner to emerge. I will use both if they exist. It is more time-investment to do both but it also offers the potential to harness more connections.

My main purpose in using either is to leverage social media for my business ventures. Regardless of the existence of one or the other, or both, Google search remains my biggest opportunity to be seen by a targeted audience. Building backlinks and achieving visibility in search engine results is the prime directive.

It’s early days for me in Google+ but right off I can see the functional advantages and I like the clean, less busy Google+ pages.

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