Google Circles

Google+ circles are amazing!

When i first started using Google+ I was daunted by the learning curve and one of my first jobs was to find friends. My family, the majority of them being dismal technophobes or so deeply Facebook entrenched that getting them to even consider moving to Google+ was a waste of time.

But since I didn’t want to use Google+ as a family tracking device I looked for authors. And found something amazing.

I could circle (categorise) my business colleagues and contacts and group them (privately, without them knowing) into various circles.

Step One – Set up circles
I started with Authors, Publishers, Book cover artists, Reviewers, Book Marketing, Web Geeks and thought that would be enough for the time being.

Step Two – Find people to fill these circles with.
Initially it was a little slow but then as my circles gradually filled Google+ itself helped me by finding people to match my circles based on my existing friends so when I clicked ‘Find People’ it came up with a lovely long list of publishers, authors, artists and so on. I added them to my circles and found more.

Step Three – Wait
Now it remains to be seen what I do with them and if any of them ‘friend / circle’ me back

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