Do you follow your stats?

I’ve been a web designer for years and checking your stats is something I am ALWAYS telling my clients to do. Why? Well here is a perfect example.

This is table of how this blog has evolved. From inception to date. My first month saw just 13 pages viewed. This month (so far) has seen 32099 – that’s an increase of 2469%

But without looking at my stats – how would I know WHERE my networking efforts are paying off?

Month Visitors Monthly Number of visits they made Pages they viewed Work I put in
April 10 10 13 New site – no content – choosing design etc
May 83 135 3216 Wrote loads of articles (content) – did some twitter work, FB and blog networking (50 hours in total)
June 152 475 12622 Wrote loads more articles – some twitter work, and facebooking (70 hours)
July 107 381 1933 Summer hols – very little networking
Aug 114 399 2595 Summer hols – very little networking
Sept 118 397 5160 Recovering from summer hols ;-) – Just a little networking but site’s gaining a reputation so page views aren’t disastrous
Oct 752 1635 23497 A LOT more networking – FB mainly but some twitter too
Nov 432 827 4750 New novel comes to mind networking takes a BIG dive
Dec 433 904 5555 Still side tracked by new novel
Jan 1006 3196 32099 A LOT more networking (3 hours a day) and busy writing articles for blog


It’s quite easy to see that networking WORKS but what has been interesting and invaluable to know is where my work pays off the most. When I network on Twitter how do my figures behave? And on Six Sentence Sundays? Thursday Thirteens? Networked blogs…? Google+? Facebook? Good reads? Where is my time best spent?

And if I don’t look at my stats, how can I know where I am wasting my time?


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