Virtual Book Tours for Authors – What’s Involved

A virtual book tour is a “tour” of various book related blogs where an author “appears” in a different venue every day for a period of one week to one month, or even longer. Because many book blogs are popular among the general readership, authors have found that writing guest posts on various blogs helps raise awareness of their name and books. There are a number of promotion firms that arrange and schedule blog tours for authors.

Blog book tours provide an author with an affordable and fun method of book promotion. One advantage to embarking on such a project is that you also create several search events in your favor. When bloggers publish your posts, they stay live on those blogs indefinitely. The more you get your name out there on book blogs, the greater the opportunity for your name and book to show in relevant search. Also, links to your website and point of sale from other blogs raises your link popularity and in turn increases your relevancy in search engines.

The cost of a blog tour will vary – it depends on the organization you sign with and how many days you “tour.” Here are just a few things you can expect when booking a virtual tour:

1) The promotion firm will advertise your book to interested blog owners and arrange to have guest posts by you queued for the days you will “tour.”

2) Blog owners will either send you a list of interview questions, ask you to write a short piece on a topic related to your book, or ask for a copy of your book to review. You will be asked to turn in your materials well in advance so the bloggers can queue your posts for the tour.

3) Authors typically offer prizes to readers who comment on the blogs. You can give away a small prize at each stop on the tour, or collect comments across all the blogs and give away one large prize at the end. A gift card to or is usually the best bet – you want to avoid giving away copies of your book because you want people to buy them!

4) On the day your post goes lives on a specific blog, you should monitor the blog daily and respond to comments made on your post. Let people know you are paying attention and interact. Readers love to interact with authors, and you can make enough of an impression to inspire them to buy your book.

5) You will be expected to promote your blog tour via your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. The promotion firm and bloggers may also promote your tour stops.

It is a good idea to arrange a blog tour at least one month in advance. This will give you time to complete your guest posts and alert readers that you will be touring.

To learn more about arranging a virtual book tour, search for “blog tours for authors” to find promotional firms ready to help you.

By Kathryn Lively

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer and editor who has worked with several fiction publishers. She also specializes in articles on social media writing.

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