How to Use YouTube for Business Promotion

One should be not surprised to see the rise in YouTube accounts among companies. Given the speed with which certain videos go viral, and the growing utilization of YouTube videos among news outlets and other sources, to not have an account connected to your business could provide a hindrance to your online marketing. One doesn’t need to be Steven Spielberg to produce the clips presented, but well-made videos to promote your work and products are beneficial to any live campaigns.

You might find that some companies turn to YouTube when other broadcast media limits their options. In the early days of television, a sponsor had as few as ten seconds to plug their wares – these days you typically buy air space by the minute. With YouTube, you can upload 5-10 minute videos advertising your products and services, and the options for gaining exposure to your clips are varied and effective.

Here are just some of the ways you can use YouTube to your advantage:

1) Virtual Tour – Offer potential customers and clients a look at your digs. Whether you operate a retail store, a warehouse, or even a small office you can invite others to see how you work. Opening these doors lets people into your comfort zone, and in turn they become comfortable with your business.

2) Customer Testimonials – Word of mouth remains the top method of marketing, and when it’s done via the Internet it has the potential to go viral. If your customers and clients are willing to record testimonials for your products and allow you to post the end result, take advantage of the opportunity.

3) Product Demos – Pictures can only do so much with a product demonstration. Utilize video to give potential customers an idea of how your product works. If you offer services, show the company at work and give people an idea of how you operate.

4) Mini Documentaries – Does your business have an interesting history, or are you involved in community service? Record everything for a series of human interest clips to share on your blog or website.

5) Contests – Contests are a great way to get customers involved and evangelize new visitors. Ask people who enjoy your product or service to record their own testimonial or unique use of your assets. As a result, you have a great way to market your brand through word of mouth.

YouTube offers you more than a means to house video clips. With this important social network, you can archive your history and keep timely marketing tools available when you need them.

By Kathryn LivelyKathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Facebook marketing services and social media writing.

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