Getting Your Book Noticed – How to Write a Book Title That Sells

Choosing Your Book Title:

This is always the fun part but not only is a eye grabbing title a must but for nonfiction and some fiction books your title will be most likely used as keywords by people searching the internet for books on the subject you’re book covers if nonfiction and in the genre in which you’re writing in if it’s fiction. Oh by the way, whilst on the keywords: if you are writing about a cat, be sure to put the keyword cat in your title. If you are writing about shoes put shoes in your title.

Ok! so go by demand, ask yourself these questions:

Are there a million books which follow the paths of your subject or story that are already out there published and, well, are you sure that we need one more? Probably not.

Is there even an audience out there that would even buy your book? Well, I don’t know! But write it, feel good about writing it, you’ve done it, you’ve accomplished it, that’s great! But if you want to get it out there into the real market there’s got to be some level of demand for it.

Here Are Some Great Stats For You:

Every hour of everyday, everyday of every year including Christmas and New Year, 30 books are released in the UK alone. This is not even a world statistic, only UK! So be aware that competition is fierce. If you plan to sell your book to the reading public, make sure that there is a demand for it otherwise you maybe wasting you energy or time.

How Do I Start Writing A Book?

Writing a book is just like any other business: you need a plan. The plan in this case is going to be an outline for your book. A well drawn outline will help you focus on your total project.

Outline Your Story Or Information (depending on whether its fiction or nonfiction). For fiction book writing, you need an outline of your plot, when to introduce your characters, the narrative path of the story… that is, what’s the beginning of the story, what’s the middle of the story and what’s the ending of the story all placed in the chronological order.

For Non Fiction Book Writing: The same applies! Organise your information into a logical and useful order – and believe me when you put down all your titles, your chapters titles, that is a great way to start and then you just fill in the blanks. It helps keeps it all in order so you don’t have to go back and start searching for where this belongs or where that belongs.

Now you are done! The manuscript of your book is complete! Now is the time to find a professional editor.


You cannot rely on Spellcheck to completely edit your manuscript and pick up on any errors. All it is going to do is pick up on any individual spelling errors and even then a lot of times it’s going to be wrong! You really need to hire a professional editor but first before you do, I suggest you pre-edit your book by reading it to yourself out loud. You are too familiar with your manuscript to read it word by word quietly as you’d normally do. If you don’t read it out loud, what’s going to happen is that you are going to miss things because you wrote it, you are skipping through only skim reading it.

Alternatively, give your manuscript to someone you trust who you know will be honest with you and offer constructive criticism, such as “Hey! I don’t understand this part right here”, or “this doesn’t work for me” or “this doesn’t make sense”. You need an honest opinion and then send it off to a professional editor which is going to be about somewhere about 500 bucks for about 150 page book. But rest assured this is a worthwhile investment because I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for your final manuscript to read well, be error free and be the best it can be!

There is obviously a lot more to this process than I have explained here and I do plan to write more in the future on publishing, the process and marketing your book. Gosh! If you think that writing is a job wait until you get down to marketing.

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