Why Should You Publish Your Next Book on Kindle?

Publishing has traditionally been a struggle and those who have succeeded in having their books published were those who have contacts so that they can navigate among the many different agents who can sign their works into a publishing company.

This is not happening any longer especially with the coming of Kindle publishing which literally anyone can do personally and in the convenience of your own home.

Unfortunately, many people do not yet know that they can publish on Kindle, and neither do they realize that publishing on this exciting new platform is even better because the eBook reaches your customers faster than it would be when using traditional methods of publishing.

Kindle eBook reading devices have been around for quite sometime although until recently not many people owned one.

But that’s changing and ebooks are now outselling print ones.

There is now a new reason to publish on Kindle because KindleApp has facilitated the incorporation of Kindle books which are digitally downloadable onto computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone.

This app ensures that more and more people can now get Kindle books even if they don’t have the actual device, which is much better than even a couple of years ago when you had to use the device sold by Amazon.

If this is not a great move that could encourage one to publish on this platform it shows how publishing in traditional styles will soon be eclipsed, yet one more reason why writers should be publishing electronically.

There are other factors that are reasonable and should encourage an upcoming writer to publish ebooks.

These factors include the target readers and the convenience of electronic publishing.

Using Amazon’s proprietary format in publishing ensures that the individual publishes their own work, and, therefore, one knows for sure that his or her book will reach the readers in the time that he or she wishes it to be rather than having to rely on publishing agents who have long lead times.

Additionally, the current generation of readers has access to gadgets such as Apple mobile devices which have apps or that could support apps such as the Kindleapp for reading the files.

If these are the people that you’re targeting – and that probably should be the case – then the best thing to do is to publish in Kindle format because you are then sure that they will be able access and read your book.

When publishing with traditional methods such as using agents for the big publishing companies, only a fraction of your target group of readers will read the book for various reasons.

One of the reasons is that the book will almost certainly be more expensive than the digital version and with the current economic climate a higher price may not be so appealing.

Secondly, there’s a kind of “coolness” in reading books electronically rather than printed out on piles of chopped up dead trees.

Some writers may be worried that when they publish on Kindle they may lose royalties or could subject their works to plagiarism and theft. However, as a writer, your should not be worried because Amazon runs the accounts that you open before you can be ready to publish your book and they have rules and mechanisms for ensuring that these rules are followed.

When it comes to royalties, it is safest way since Amazon charges all those who download complete books from Kindle and pays authors royalties of up to 70% of the retail price.

Don’t hesitate, take control of you publications, and publish on Kindle.

Find out more about how to publish on Kindle and check out this Kindle Kash review.

By Martin Woodchild

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Why-Should-You-Publish-Your-Next-Book-on-Kindle?&id=6780944] Why Should You Publish Your Next Book on Kindle?

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