Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Authors

So you’ve just written your novel, and now you want to sell it. But how do you go about that? The easy answer is to turn yourself into a marketer. But understanding marketing concepts can be daunting. And let’s face it, most authors want to sit and their computer and write – they don’t want to market. It’s easier to break tasks down, so let’s look at one place to market your books – Facebook.

Utilize Facebook Pages

Creating a Facebook Page is amazingly easy to do, but I am surprised at how many authors do not do this. So that’s task number one – DO make a Facebook Page! When you choose a name, think about branding. As an author, you want people to know about YOU, so create a page with your name. DON’T use something that your potential fans will have a hard time remembering.

You can create more pages for each of your books later. Remember, we’re approaching this from a marketing standpoint, and branding is key. DO make sure you have a great bio picture – I recommend using something with YOU in it because you can sue the wall to post pictures of your books. Again, it’s about branding you.

DON’T be boring. Make your biographical section stand out from the competition. It’s okay to be a bit funny here, or use a phrase that will catch your reader’s eyes.

Facebook Applications

Do use the best Facebook Applications. Authors have a variety of applications to use, ones that will engage your readers and keep them coming back (that’s a huge marketing secret right there). DON’T use this page for playing games and sending cute little online doodads to your followers. Use your personal profile for that. This is about marketing yourself and you need to be professional. The best Facebook applications will be ones that help you advertize your books, so look for those.

Understand How to Engage Your Fans

The biggest mistake I see when helping people with their fan pages is that they DON’T understand how to engage their fans. This is a key area of marketing. If you write it, they won’t come. You have to let your fans know you’re out there, and you DO have to engage them to keep them coming back. And, if you understand how Facebook works, you’ll know that when a fan posts on your page, that post goes to their personal profile, and all their friends see it (can you say free advertizing?). So you want fans engaged because fans are also your buyers.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to use your fan page for marketing your books. And there are other avenues to build your Facebook following. But it’s key to think from a marketing standpoint when you post to your fan page. If you would like to receive more tips on how to make a Facebook fan page, and how to market via your page, visit   rel=nofollow [http://fanpagemagic.weebly.com/]here for more tips.

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By Renee Pawlish

Renee Pawlish is the author of Nephilim Genesis of Evil, a paranormal thriller, The Reed Ferguson Mystery series, Take Five, a short story collection, and The Sallie House: Exposing the Breast Within, a non-fiction account of a haunted house investigation. She consults with authors and other entertainers, helping them learn how to effectively market their books or music.

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