The Real Truth About Facebook Pages

If you want to use Facebook for book marketing, you need to understand how Facebook pages work. One of the biggest mistakes that authors make is to not set up a page in the first place. What a missed opportunity! But why, you ask? Because you want to market your book, not just to your friends, but to your fans! Let’s discuss a few ways that a Facebook page can help you market your book.

Custom Facebook Pages

It’s not that hard to set up a basic facebook page, and many authors do this. But it is another matter to use that page for marketing purposes. The first thing you need to know is how to make your page dynamic and interactive, so that it stands out from all the other pages that are out there. Consider using the numerous applications that are available to make your page pop! Make sure your page brands you as the author, and then use the other applications to show off all your novels.

Don’t have a boring biographical section. Part of marketing is about connecting with your fans. Most people can appreciate humor, so use your bio section to have some fun. Be creative and people will remember you.

Understand Facebook Algorithms

Most people don’t understand that Facebook has a very complicated algorithm that it uses to decide what posts, or “news feeds” that it will show users. So when you post content, you have to keep these algorithms in mind. Your posts should be interactive, with links to other articles, videos, and so on. But you also need to keep the information relevant. And you never, ever, want to bore your reader with your posts.

Why is this important? If you can engage your followers, and they like or comment on your posts, these comments show up on their personal pages. So you are reaching a new audience that way – an audience that might just visit your page and become a fan. And fans become buyers.

Using Your Page As A Blog

You can use the notes application in a similar way to a blog, posting short articles, sample writings, and more. This can keep your fans informed, and get them to like and comment on what you wrote (and that, remember, goes to their personal page). This is also a great way to show people what a great writer you are! You can even include sample chapters here.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways to use a Facebook page for book marketing. You can also use other social media venues to build your Facebook following. But you must think from a marketing standpoint when you post to your page. If you would like to receive more tips on how to make a Facebook page, and how to market via your page, visit   rel=nofollow []here for more tips.

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Renee Pawlish is the author of Nephilim Genesis of Evil, and The Reed Ferguson mystery series. She also consults with authors and other entertainers, helping them learn how to effectively market their books or music.

By Renee Pawlish

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