To Succeed, Keep Showing Up

At the end of the year we often reflect on and define what was successful in our marketing plan. We also endeavor to fix what is broken and polish what already shines. A powerful desire for success in our ventures is one inspiration to create our books. Before you published your book did you define what success would look like for you? Not every person who publishes their first book will create a big splash, be a financial success, or make their name as a speaker or workshop presenter. Let’s define what we mean by success: the achievement of something planned or attempted or something that turns out as planned or intended. Maybe your success was becoming a “local writer makes good”, or a name as an online writer, or your book was reviewed in magazines. One of our authors consistently made it into the top 25 in her category on Amazon. And those who do make this kind of success inspire the rest of us to keep showing up. What did you do that was a success this year with your book? Next year do more of what works for you and your book.

You can also let go of what hasn’t worked. You can stop doing book-signings if only 2 people come every time you show up. Offer teleseminars instead to your mailing list that includes contests to win your book. Sales not where you want them? Find a distributor that will take on your book, or at least get your book into Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Amazon. Your readers need to be able to find your book easily. After radio interviews, does host suggest that you could do a better job? Get a reliable radio coach to improve your on-air presence and make you more entertaining. Your workshops are not well-attended? Find someone in your field you can collaborate with and develop a joint-venture. People comment that they don’t like your cover? Republish your book as a 2nd edition with a new cover. When you are willing to let go of what isn’t working there is always a solution to improve your success track.

Did you take advantage of the “local writer” angle as much as you could?

� Connecting with local press

� Speaking to local businesses, schools, and churches

� Writing short columns for local papers

� Making a connection with local retailers appropriate to your genre

Often authors develop a following locally and then that local following jumps to a regional, and then national level. What worked for you best in being the local author?

Did you write a blog, or submit articles online?

� Connecting your blog to networks

� Submitting your blog as an article with article clearing houses

� Re-posting your article to your social network

� Collaborating with other authors who write blogs

Authors can develop an online platform through having their name appear over and over in connection with their material. What worked best for you in developing your online platform?

Did your book get reviewed in print or online magazines?

� Find other magazines similar and submit your book and the review to them

� Excerpt the review on your website

� Quote the review on your social networks

� Offer to be an occasional, or monthly contributor to their magazine

One of our authors consistently received requests to speak at conventions because of the reviews he received in magazines. You can use your magazine following as a platform to develop more readers. What worked best to enhance the success of your reviews?

Did your book make a splash on Amazon?

� Ask everyone you work with or are interviewed by to write a short blurb for Amazon

� Develop your Amazon page with links, your Bio, videos, and an “inside the book” view

� Contact Amazon reviewers who write about your genre, offer them incentives to cover your book like a give-away for their readers

� Give your Amazon statistics to a distributor to show them that your book is salable

There are so many options to make your Amazon venture more successful. You can use your Amazon success as part of your media kit, display it on your website, and show it off on your social network. What worked to grow your Amazon successes?

From Karen Lawrence’s blog: Hitting the big time-it’s one of those ever-present, pie-in-the-sky desires that even the most practical of creative entrepreneurs will admit they fantasize about fairly regularly. Somehow being an author and wanting to grace the best seller list go hand-in-hand. Some of us know the feeling of wanting that kind of success but never quite achieving it. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, was shocked by her “freakish success”. Elizabeth suggests we “just keep showing up” and success will find us. Her philosophy is a good one whether you’re looking for that big break or the next idea to follow. If you’re not consistently showing up, working at what matters to you, being in the game-the unpredictable muse picking the NEXT BIG THING won’t find you. Keep showing up. It’s the best marketing plan of them all.”

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By Mari Selby

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