About me

This entire blog  is supposed to be a giant learning curve for me on how to do things properly with regards promoting myself and my website so I can become a best selling author.

Apparently this also includes writing a good ‘About Me’ page!

My instructions are roughly: Be brief, be clever, be concise, be yours…er me. So no pressure then.

As you have probably surmised I love writing and want to earn my living out doing it. And the only way I can do this is by selling my books. And short of a miracle the only way people are going to buy my books is if they know they exist!

So this website is my journey to finding how to get my books noticed and this blog is a collection of my random thoughts and ideas. Things that catch my attention, from oysters to chocolate, from parenting to stress management (nice linking! And like I said, random.)

So if you’ve written a book and want to learn more about getting published feel free to join me for my journey. Hopefully some of the things I’ve learned will help you too!

What else I’ve written

Heather Woods is my pen name. I have written a fair amount of non fiction stuff which have done quite well for me.

The first non-fiction is now in it’s fifth edition and is sold worldwide. Today (June 2011) it’s ranked on Amazon.com between 40 and 60 in it’s field and on Amazon.co.uk it’s ranked between 30 and 50 in it’s various categories.

Now I just have to get that sort of success mirrored in my non fiction books!

My Bio!

I love travelling, reading, writing, skiing, sailing, swimming and photography – which should just about cover it – until the next time I decide to edit this page!

Craziest thing I’ve done

Well I’ve done lots of crazy things but probably top of my list is taking my kids out of school for five month and travelled around the world. Just the three of us! South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, USA

<< This is a pic of Sarah at the Australia Zoo.

<< The shot above is Lisa surfing in Australia

My current craze

Apart from writing, it’s Tweeting, Facebook and my photography. I’ve even won a couple of photographic competitions. First prize with this shot a couple of weeks ago!

Painting the Mosque in Nabeul in Tunisa!

Contact Me

If you want to chat please drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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