How to engage with people on facebook

There are days when I feel I fail spectacularly at this! These days make me want to sit in the bath with a glass of excellent red wine, a wonderful book and simply pretend the world ain’t out there.

But things are getting better. I’m learning good lessons and it’s getting easier.

It’s also always easier to imagine that people are having more fun/success than you. When in reality they’re struggling on – just like you. Except for them it might be chocolates rather than the wine!

To learn what worked best I tried various options. Say nothing, say lots, ask questions, offer suggestions. The results were interesting and mixed with a healthy dose of realism. Do remember to do your own measuring.

Getting personal – People are your facebook friends/fans because they’re interested in you. Sometimes. Often they’re only a friend/fan because it bumps up their own numbers and makes them look popular – if they’re honest, having friended you they’ve forgotten you within three clicks, at most. You need to give them a reason to be more interested in you.

Cynically speaking, what attracts people to you? What makes them think you are worth following? Why should they give a damn what you say in your status? Because in reality you’re a complete stranger.

You have to give them a reason to be interested in you. So what interests people?

  • Success – show/share your successes – without being a show off
  • Wealth -  not sure how you illustrate your wealth without showing off so be subtle here
  • Kindness – this is easier. Just be kind. (See below)
  • Humour – again simpler, share amusing videos, photos and humorous commments
  • Beauty – If you’re not MissWorld attractive – wear a mask. Just kidding! lol. Just share beauty where you find it
  • Brains – Share your knowledge – personally speaking, along with humour I find this the most powerful and successful

Other ways to attract fans/friends

Ask questions that would be relative to them. What would you do if you got a publishing contract today? What’s your favourite book cover format, photos or paintings? Who’s your favourite author? What’s your book promotion advice?

Share the love. Your friends and fans look at your status because they care. Recognise this and remember to say thanks! Particularly to the loyal and trusted followers!

Don’t be Jack (A dull boy) Don’t talk work work work all the time. Ask what people are doing for the weekend? What movies they’ve seen? What shopping they’re going to be doing? What their fav gift is?

Comment back – always recognize people who take the time to reply to you. Acknowledge them.

Create Polls and Quizzes -  do you know your industry? Challenge people to show/share their knowledge! A quizz should be no more than ten to fifteen questions long.

Host a contest – What can you give away? It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive. It can even be free to you for example your best ever 100% fail proof desert recipe. Use your imagination.

Interact with other similar pages. Do avoid coming across as spam post messages on other pages to other pages. By this I mean: I read something I like on Glynis Smy’s page so I go on Michelle Daly’s page and because i know her fans like the same info I share the link. It gets me exposure, gets Glynis exposure and Michelle’s page gets useful content. Win win all round.

Give, give, give  – I don’t mean empty your bank account. I mean make positive (genuine!!) comments about other people, their books, their articles. Take time to acknowledge and comment on other peoples success, share and spread their joy. Commiserate and encourage when they experience failure.

Finally, remember that Facebook is constantly evolving, new ways and methods will always be just around the corner. Conduct your own measurements of what works.

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