How to promote your book

I started this website to promote my book. Then discovered it wasn’t as simple as sticking up a website and waiting for the dollars to come pouring in!

Nope. I had to network.

Networking is alien to me. I don’t like to use people. I would hate to make a connection with someone purely based on what they can do for me.

I’ve subsequently realised that networking isn’t about using people at all. Networking is simply exchanging ideas and working together in a way that is mutually beneficial. If the word ‘mutual’ has no part to play then essentially you’re not networking.

I’ve started gradually, learning how it works in slow steps. Finding people that I could help and hoping like hell they’d want to help me out but never asking. Silly really because a lot of people enjoy being asked for help.

As I learned how things worked I thought I’d keep a blog on how an unknown or new author can/should/could promote their book. Tricks, tips and information I gathered a long the way, Notes for myself ranging from ideas for the publicity shy right through to the out there in your face up and at em people.

I’ve learned a LOT! And I share it with you in this blog – along with other bits of my utterly mindless ramblings.


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