The hardest thing about reviews

We all know that writing is a deeply personal thing, your soul laid bare for all the world to see. So when you pour your heart and soul onto paper and share it with the world getting a dose of ouch can be a hard thing to take.

No doubt, in the interests of selling my books to all the world I should only be writing nice things about it but I guess we gotta be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

These are some of the tougher / more painful author feedback that have happened to me on my various books and articles so far!

  • Rejections of my writings to date – 27
  • Told a friend a story line of my new book and she cried with laughter!
  • Some one bought one of my books with the pure intention of putting a review up for me – then never got back to me!
  • A friend gave me a fabulous plot idea – after I’d finished my 20th draft and I simply could NOT change it AGAIN
  • An consultant in the industry told me – You haven’t done your homework!
  • I didn’t understand your writing
  • Found a copy of my book in a second hand store and it clearly hadn’t been read!
  • Was told, ‘She uses exclamation marks like a trigger happy soldier’
  • Her writing is ‘Long winded and flowery’

Ouch ouch ouch! Do I get tougher as the years go by? Nope, the reverse!

Thankfully I get some good reviews too!

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