5 Reasons why a Blog helps promote your book

1. Blogging expands your creativity

Writing a blog is a bit like writing a diary. You can blow off steam, share ideas, get your head straight. You will also find that the discipline of writing regularly is hugely beneficial. It sharpens the way you write because people read differently on the internet. It needs to be shorter, more succinct and less flowery and descriptive. You need to get over what you want to say in just a few words rather then a paragraph. Practising this is brilliant for your everyday writing too.

2. Blogging earns you credibility

When you’re a new author (or come to that, a new anything) establishing a degree of credibility can help you immensely and a blog does just that. it proves to the world that you know what you’re talking about. If you’re selling your writing it proves you can write. If you’re into yachting it can show you know your sheets from your heads and can give you that little extra leg up ahead of the competition. This person KNOWS their stuff.

3. Blogging helps people

While I am writing this blog for all the aforementioned reasons I am also hoping that if anyone else reads it they too will gain from it. Whether it’s simply me blowing off steam at the trials of being a mother to two teenage daughters and they can relate simply by knowing other mothers have to deal with it too or by writing down how blogging can help promote your book either or anyway, I hope what people read is useful.

4. Blogging can make you money

It’s true. While someone wrote that Blogging doesn’t so much make you money as save you money because all the time you have to spend writing and promoting it means you’re not out having fun spending it! While that’s partly true I am also making money out of blogging. Selling my books, earning revenue from advertising. While Bill Gates has no reason to worry yet it all helps.

5. Blogging is fabulous for networking

With a website you restrict yourself to a degree unless you’re highly skilled at coding. You have to know SEO, commenting is not so straight forward and forms and other issues can be expensive. If you only use twitter or facebook what you can say, due to limited space, is extremely limited. A blog gives you the best of all the worlds.

You can have your say in a way that is highly interactive, people can comment and share their own views on the subject. You and your readers can post what you have to say to Twitter, Facebook and bookmark your content in literally hundreds of social networking sites like Stumble, DIGG and so many more.

Search Engines love blogs because their structure behind the scenes in terms of coding make them extremely searchable. Blogs tend to be content rich and your articles can be linked to, trackback’ed, pinged and yes, copied. But each time any of this happens it gets you exposure. And that’s what you’re looking for.

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