12 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page!

Today I’m going to focus on getting people to like me. While of course that would be nice in the real sense, holed up here in my tiny little office my social life has taken a complete dive and Facebook is about the limit of it and even that’s pretty dire at the moment.

Having 8 friends on my profile and 3 likes on my page is no good for the ego. Even worse when they’re family I’ve begged to like me to kick start things. Tragic really.

So I’m off to find friends and these are some of the tips I’ve found to help me make it happen. The first article I find is pretty emphatic about one thing in particular. BE PATIENT - It takes time.

As I’m the kind of person who prays, ‘God, please grant me patience but give it to me now‘, this is not really what I want to hear. In the meantime I’d better go about getting the possibility of friends so at least they know I am out there to like.

  1. Offer incentives for people to like your page
  2. Ask your friends and family both to like and to spread the word
  3. Add your Facebook URL to EVERYTHING
    On all social network signatures
    Business cards
    Bumper Stickers
    T Shirts….
  4. Tweet your FB fan page and say something like ‘Like me on Facebook and win a FREE Kindle/Book/Toothpick/grain of sand…
  5. When you post comments on people’s blog ask if you can leave a link to be Liked.
  6. Add a Like button to your website/blog
  7. Add your Facebook URL as your website link in Twitter
  8. Tag photos with your Facebook profile URL
  9. Submit your Facebook URL to social network directories.
  10. Use your share button
  11. Join Facebook groups
  12. Create an event where current friends can brainstorm ideas and ask them to bring some of their own friends.

It’s pointless getting a million likes and then not doing anything about it. That’s like asking all your friends to a party then staying in your room.

  • Use your facebook to offer prizes, tips, advice, share fun images, offer help and encouragement to fellow authors who are feeling the pressure
  • Create promotional give aways.
  • Allow fans to share links and related resources to your page.
  • Organise a charitable event sponsored by your FB fan page.
  • Add your FB URL to your Google Places listing.
  • Create surveys and polls on your FB page.
  • Promote interaction on your FB page with questions and comments.
  • Use Facebook apps.
  • Enable the Facebook comment feature in your landing page.


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