Marketing your book – make a to do list

It’s all well and good knowing what you’re supposed to do, it’s remembering to do it, that’s the trick.

So make a to do list. Be wary of making it too long and complicated to the point where you dread looking at it. short and sweet with about 6 networking to do steps each day.

Ideally no day should be identical. Three Facebooking Like attractors on Monday, network on Good Reads and contact three potential friends. Three Twitter networking steps and three book networks and one person to write a review for you on Tuesday. Thursday Thirteens on thursday. And so on.

If, across the space of the week you do 25 different things to get you out there you will be more likely to be successful in getting your name and face known.

Marketing that’s worked for me (I know this because – click here to read more!)

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