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Finding Anna has gone!!!!!!!!

My last editor, a lovely man who cost me a lot and did wonderful things for my ego and frightful things to my book, has been given the heave ho. My book has gone off to be edited again. Why?

Because I made the error of assuming that an editor was there to tell me I was wrong. And no one likes being told they’re wrong so having got away with being told I was marvellous I happily left it at that, despite knowing we, my book and I, weren’t marvellous at all.

What bolstered my courage to edit again was reading the article below (see excerpt). I realised that good editing wasn’t changing my writing and telling me I was wrong, it was making sure I didn’t head off to the shops with some toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

An anonymous letter sent by a group of successful traditionally published authors on M.J. Rose’s blog, Buzz Balls and Hype, requested the following:

“PLEASE EDIT MY BOOK. Even if you know it will sell and get reviewed because of my name and my previous books, even though you recognize the many good qualities in the manuscript I have turned in, if you think it needs a serious revision, please, please, ask me to do it…Please do not let me go out in public this time with my slip showing and parsley on my tooth…And while we are on the subject, please employ a copy editor who understands the basic rules of grammar and has a working knowledge of the subject of the book sufficient to make useful and necessary changes in the manuscript instead of adding egregious errors while omitting to find crucial mistakes and typos. I love our nice expense account lunches, and I love you, but above all, I really, really want you to edit my book…”


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