Attracting Readers to your blog

Attracting readers to my blog is a very important step. Vital in fact.

We write a blog for a lot of reasons. Sometimes to get stuff of our chest (yes), sometimes to seek and share advice (yes) sometimes as a way of collating research (yes) but mainly to tell the world we’re here (yes).

I want people to know about me, then maybe they’ll see my book and maybe want to read it. But the only way that is going to happen is if they can even find my blog.

So I’ve been doing some research and this is what I’ve come with as far a getting readers for my blog.

  1. DIGG, STUMBLE, REDDIT - Submit your blog stories to all the social networks and this should generate between 50 and 100 free hits.
  2. COMMENT- Find blogs you like and comment on them. Not the frightful comments we all get saying ‘Your content is very interesting. It is so interesting it saved my life today. Your story held much interest to me’…Real comments that show you’ve read the blog/article.
  3. EXCHANGE ARTICLES/GET LINKS – Find other bloggers who write about the same things you do and ask them to link to you. Writing an article as a ‘guest blogger’ gives you a lot of street cred.
  4. POST FREQUENTLY – but only if you have something to say.
  5. JOIN FORUMS – Find a subject that interests you, that you write about, read about and join their forum. Share your own thoughts and ideas.
  6. INTERVIEW OTHER BLOGGERS – this helps them get exposure and it helps you too.
  7. CONNECT WITH LOCAL BLOGGERS – Meet people in real life as in real humans and set up a link exchange
  8. ASK QUESTIONS – Engage with other Bloggers. Don’t aim too high, find other moderately successful bloggers and engage with them. Ask them questions, ask their advice.
  9. GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF – Have something you can offer as a prize or give away? Do it. Do a treasure trail through your website / blog with seven clues and the person who answers all seven gets to win a prize… or similar!
  10. RUN A COMPETITION – Any competition can work and while it’s similar in principle to giving away free stuff by making it into a competition you can engage readers much more intensely.
  11. USE TRACKBACKS – A trackabck as explained direct from the horses mouth – the WordPress Codex

    In a nutshell, TrackBack was designed to provide a method of notification between websites: it is a method of person A saying to person B, “This is something you may be interested in.” To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B.

    A better explanation is this:

    • Person A writes something on their blog.
    • Person B wants to comment on Person A’s blog, but wants her own readers to see what she had to say, and be able to comment on her own blog
    • Person B posts on her own blog and sends a trackback to Person A’s blog
    • Person A’s blog receives the trackback, and displays it as a comment to the original post. This comment contains a link to Person B’s post

    Most trackbacks send to Person A only a small portion (called an “excerpt”) of what Person B had to say. This is meant to act as a “teaser”, letting Person A (and his readers) see some of what Person B had to say, and encouraging them all to click over to Person B’s site to read the rest (and possibly comment).

    Trackbacks are fun and they work. Use them

  12. BLOG CARNIVALS- Submit your blog to blog carnivals (What is a blog carnival? -A Blog Carnival is a particular kind of blog community. There are many kinds of blogs, and they contain articles on many kinds of topics. Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. A Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis (e.g. every monday, or on the first of the month). Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks.There is so much stuff in the blog-o-sphere, just finding interesting stuff is hard. If there is a carnival for a topic you are interested in, following that carnival is a great way to learn what bloggers are saying about that topic. If you are blogging on that topic, the carnival is the place to share your work with like-minded bloggers.-
  13. ADVERTISE – Sometimes it’s worth paying a little to advertise.


DON’T GIVE UP – It’s like losing weight. There will be times when it’s hard slog and you feel you’re getting nowhere and then suddenly you lose 2 kg. It’s the same with promoting your site. Occasionally you’ll feel you’re flat lining but it will only ever fade away if you give up!

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