How do I forgive myself?Do you buy books because of what the reviews say?

I do. And I don’t.

A single five star review in my experience has been the author has got the mum/partner/friend/child to write something glowing. I treat these with caution.

More than 3 five star books are worth considering. Sometimes I get it wrong. A book has dozens of five star ratings and I am destroyed to find it utterly unreadable. A two star can turn out to be a real treat. A no star? Well that’s kind of fun and usually easier on the budget too!

Books with lots of ratings ranging from one star to five are tricky because I read what the five star reviews say with growing enthusiasm but am unable to prevent myself from taking a peak at a one star review. Invariably this one star, even if it’s only one out of thirty five stars, puts me off buying the book which annoys me.

I’m trying not to read the reviews now, simply seeing how many positive ones there are and then hoping for the best!

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