Why didn’t I listen??

Marketing and NetworkingI’ve been been blowing my own trumpet for about six months now in terms of marketing and networking. When I first started I had NO idea what I was doing. I knew what I wanted. To get loads of people onto my website to read my writing and buy my books.

I delved and read and researched and  – and to be honest a lot of my time I felt like I was trying to scoop water with a colander. Every gap and space manifested by a lack of self confidence. What was I doing? What chance did I have, really, of getting my website/blog known? Me?

I was scared that I’d work and work and no one would every read it anyway. But I carried on plugging away nonetheless. Then suddenly I had a breakthrough. Not on how to do it. I was already working on that but I learned how to measure my success and I’d never really realized how important that was.

Do you know the feeling when someone says to you, if you do it this way, it’ll be easier. And you look at them and think, I’ll do it that way next time, because sometimes, while it be a thousand times better than the way you do it now learning a new way is simply too much effort.

Since I very first started marketing on the internet I was told  ‘CHECK YOUR STATS’. It was a fundamental law in internet marketing. And truth to tell, shame me, I was far too slap hazard to do that. I figured I’d simply muddle along and see what happened. Quite how I was going to measure my successes was largely incidental. I guessed in a hazy way, that I’d see that member/reader numbers were climbing when I got more people commenting. And more Facebook Likes.

As my daughter would say. Fail.

What made the penny drop was the day I sat down after a really hard week networking was, as always, the MONEY! I was checking my Adsense and saw that the channel for the Love-writing website had leapt in revenue. Oooh, I thought eyeing my dollars. I wonder how many visitors I had so I, you guessed it, CHECKED MY STATS!!!!

The thing I’ve been told to check since the beginning.

I worked out that over the seven days I’d worked if I’d done X it made my numbers jump, if I’d done Y my numbers quivered slightly, if I’d done Z my numbers soared.

So for the past six months I have wasted a fair amount of time. If I had pulled my finger out and looked at me STATS I would have spent a lot less time doing Y and considerably more time focussing X and Z.

So right now, as I type I have two sets of statistics open to me. One telling me how many bots (sounds like an infection doesn’t it) are on my site and another telling me how many unique visitors we have AND where they are from.

I’ve learned that a huge number of my visitors are from the states so if I want to market to them I need to be online and active during American hours. The perfect excuse for a long lazy lie in for this Brit!



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