Making an impact

When I first started promoting my website and my writing I used Twitter and Facebook a lot. To begin with I simply schmoozed, loitered in the background, watching what was happening, seeing who was saying what to whom. And how.

There were some regular posters on both platforms that were consistently plugging their books, networking and telling all the world about what they’d written, celebrating their successes, commiserating over the not so successful days.

Over the months I felt I almost came to ‘know’ some of these people. I knew loads about their books, the possibility of film rights, the celebration of the film rights being sold, new books, release dates – in fact it got to the point where I felt I almost knew more about their books and their journey than I did my own.

For me one of the most prolific self publicizers has been Melissa Foster. Watching her journey has been a massive education for someone like myself. Something I have always been afraid of doing is being brash, of getting up people’s noses with constantly pushing my books but somehow Melissa manages to keep her barrage of Tweets and posts by and large useful, interesting and occasionally funny. One thing though, that she’s very good at, is ensuring you don’t, ever, ever forget her!

And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
The marketing specialists say that in order for your brand name to register or make an impact on someone in any semi permanent way they have to come in contact with that brand/name/product between ten and twelve times.

I now see Melissa’s name pop up on Twitter and instantly, without having to look it up, know; – Book = Megan’s Way, a great Amazon success, film adaptation. And this is simply through her plugging away, telling EVERYONE about her book.

So if you want to move up to #2 on Amazon Top Rated Fiction you could do worse than take a careful look at Melissa Fosters efforts at getting the word out there.

I have contacted her through Twitter to ask if she had five key bits of advice to give to the aspiring author on the journey of self promotion, what would they be? Watch this space.


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