This is how to use Twitter

Twitter is the perfect medium to find and establish the first glimmer of contact with people who might be interested in your books or people who might simply be interested in reading your blog – if that’s what you want them to do.

Twitter moves very very fast and to begin with it’s a bit daunting and scary. All these people flashing past with strange names using a slang based language that isn’t familiar.

If you haven’t got a Twitter account get the drift oh how it works here.

First you sign up to Twitter and get an account. Choose a name that is not too quirky or long or overly clever.

Then you look for people in your field. So if you write romances look for other romance authors. When you find them, follow them and by following them you will see who else follows them too. There will be other fans like you, other published authors, aspiring authors and so on. Look for people that inspire you, that you feel you could be friends with in real life maybe.

Don’t follow people just because you think they could help you! If you do that it becomes clear, pretty quickly, that you are being self serving and this works very much against you.

When somebody follows you, take the time to thank them and introduce yourself properly. Ideally ask them to friend you on Facebook. Not everyone will but it’s a good place to start building a Facebook network.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter is that Twitter is like trying to make conversation with people in a subway queue. Brief! But it’s a good a place to start as any. Facebook is more like sitting in the park, catching the breeze.

After a while on Twitter you will start to recognise faces and names in the crowds and people will learn your tweets have value. They are either funny, clever, useful and even sometimes they’re worth retweeting (repeating) and they’ll pause a second to listen.

You will also learn who’s Tweets are worth paying attention to. They’ll offer advice, suggestions, industry news and some will have marketing ideas that you’d like to copy! When you find a Tweet that’s really worthwhile in your mind, retweet it. It gives the other person exposure for the clever thing they said and they’ll be grateful to you for making them visible to all YOUR followers.

Retweeting good tweets is good for two reasons

  • You help to spread useful info to all your followers which is good credibility for you
  • The person you are retweeting is grateful for the exposure, tends to remember you and will be more likely to retweet your own tweets.

Twitter is great but it does have it’s conversational limits! The best use that I have found for twitter so far is the establishing of the first connection. As I’ve said before, a person needs to come in contact with a brand for a minimum of between ten and twelve times for it to start to register. Twitter is the first step in getting your brand recognised.


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