Writing a good Twitter Bio

Does a good Twitter bio make a difference? Yes.

Don’t leave your Bio blank – ever!

When you follow someone do you take a second to check out their Bio? Of course you do and they, if they’re using Twitter properly, will do the same to you. It’s a bit like newcomers checking out strangers at a party. Your bio is essentially the clothes and accessories you wear – the persona you project.

Leaving your bio blank is a bit like going to the party wearing the same clothing as the waiting staff. Decidedly bland and not likely to get you noticed!

Bear in mind that a bio can only be up to 140 characters long, so you need to keep it short and to the point.

Decide what your persona or approach is and then make sure your Twitter posts reflect that.

Go easy on the superlatives about yourself. Just as you wouldn’t go up to a stranger at a party and tell them you’re an expert at this or a guru at that because you know you’d come over as completely egocentric. Normally you’d let your actions show them your expertise so let your tweets do the talking about how good you are at what you do.

Your Twitter bio should be interesting and you should use it to show what makes you unique in your niche market and give people a reason to follow you. If they know that you might say something that will help or really interest them they will follow you.

What are the best Twitter bio’s?

Personally I find the ones that are funny without being contrived really eye catching. I also like the ones that are honest and friendly. I don’t feel too comfortable with the bio’s that are hugely businesslike and stuffy even if they are in my niche. Or the one’s that are too self important.

What seems to frighten people off?

  • Adamant religious and / or political views.
  • Bad spelling and / or grammar
  • Grandiose posturing
  • Blatant sales pitches – Get 50’000 twitter followers in three minutes with no effort… Yeah. Right.


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