Get followers on Twitter

How to get followers on twitter

I’ve watched and lurked and schmoozed on Twitter and I wonder how people cope when they follow 500 people, let alone 27’000. Logic dictates that they don’t have time to read everyone’s tweets so I guess there has to be a balance.

- You need to have enough followers to be credible
- Follow enough to people to show you value their tweets and take the time to read them…

What I’ve done on Twitter

My first day or two on Twitter I was like a puppy at rescue centre. I followed everyone with a complete lack of discrimination and hoped like mad they’d follow me. I even followed a Swiss news programme – tweeted in German which I can’t speak – in the hopes they’d return the favour.

After a couple of days I realised I didn’t care one way or another what they had to say and knew for sure my tweets would never see the light of their day so I unfollowed and decided to get a whole lot more choosy.

Now I follow people that I KNOW I am interested in. I follow romance authors, authors, writes, reviewers, book promoters, marketers and I also follow a couple of Twitterers who send out motivational and upbeat tweets to keep me going.

How did I find these people?

First I went to this page ‘Who to Follow’ searched for authors I love to read for example: Neil Gaiman or Julia Quinn and so on and followed them. Then I looked at who else followed them and I also looked at the ‘follow’ suggestions Twitter itself made in the column on the right. 9 times out of ten they were people who shared the same interests as I did. If I liked their Bio and what they had to say I followed them and hoped like hell they’d follow me too!

But that’s just me. This is what the conventions say about getting followers on Twitter.

  1. Follow everyone who follows you.
    But be sure to stick to your own standards
  2. Regularly unfollow people who haven’t followed you back.
    Twitter has follow limits and the first limit is 2000
    . You won’t be able to follow any one else until you yourself have 2,000 followers.
  3. Have a good Avatar
    Artsy shots can be fun but sometimes simple is best so a straightforward shot of you looking at the camera with a smile can be the best option.
  4. Write up a good bio.
    It’s important that people know who you are and what you’re interested in. Choosy followers will read your bio before deciding whether to follow you back.
  5. Write good and frequent Tweets
    Choosy followers may read your most recent tweets to see if you’re worth their time! More here on How to write good Tweets

  6. Ask people to retweet you.
    Retweet is simply someone re’posting’ what you’ve just tweeted. The advantage of being retweeted is that your tweets reach a hugely expanded audience. Simply adding “Please RT” (retweet) on some of your key tweets reminds your readers that you appreciate a
    helping hand every now and then!
  7. Look for tweets with keywords related to your areas of interest. For example you’re a romance author. Look for people who mention your favourite books. It they’re good tweets, retweet them, reply to them and maybe follow them.

  8. Email / Blog / Website / business cards…
    Put Twitter follow me links EVERYWHERE.
  9. Not just writers
    We may have a passion for writing and at times it might feel all consuming but it’s also worthwhile looking for other things you enjoy hearing about. For example if you love cross stitch or extreme skiing or vegan food… find a few people with similar interests – they change of subject can sometimes be a wonderful spark of ideas.
  10. Don’t be lazy
    Take the time to write good tweets, respond and retweet and generally make an effort. It’s really worthwhile in the long run.

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