Get started on Twitter

First – and very simply – what is your niche going to be? Why are you joining Twitter?

If it’s simply to tweet that you’ve lost your phone or having a coffee or meeting your sister for lunch than you can relax and not read any further.

If however you want to join twitter to use it as a marketing tool then the following might be helpful!

Second -

Be aware that learning to use Twitter effectively is not a matter of a couple of hours research. It might take you that long to learn what you need to look out for but the real knowledge is understanding that Twitter is made up of people and because they only have a 140 characters to be themselves it’s a snap shot glimpse of someone.

Research your followers – understand why they follow you and take the time to think how you could be helpful to them (without being painfully and gratuitously servile!)

Third -

Don’t baffle yourself with science and researching and learning how to do it. Just start doing it and as you use it you’ll learn that there are things that you don’t know or want to know more about.

That’s when you come back to this site and learn some tips and tricks on how to get past the point where the best way to use Twitter stops being immediately obvious.

That said, good place to start, once you’ve open your twitter account is learning How to write a good Twitter bio in just a few characters!


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