Custom Twitter pages

The thing is, you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to be one step ahead in order to get to the top. One of the ways of doing this in a Twitter account is by making your page individual.

There are couple of useful things to know here.

Your avatar should ideally be a picture of you, not your book, your view or your pet. If you choose to add your own background do not tile it.

Let your imagination run wild but don’t let your page get too busy

A neat concept is to try and get the background and profile images and feel of your twitter page to look and feel like your website or blog so if people do decide to pop over for a visit there is already a hint of familiarity.

If you do want to create your own background by all means do so. Make it at least 1200 px wide by 800 px high. But remember that some people will be viewing it on huge screens, others may be using Ipods, Ipads, Blackberries and so on. What you are sure you like and know looks good – on your screen – can look a right mess on someone else’s.


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